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Streamlining The Process For Doctor Visits

When we go to the doctor the only thing we want to do is feel better.  The healthcare system in the United States is in the process of getting a technological overhaul.  This basically means that when we go to the doctor we can be seen faster, get a more accurate diagnosis and get to feeling better faster and more efficiently.

The Check-in Process

When going to the doctors patients will be presented with a kiosk.  This kiosk will allow patients to enter in their last name, date of birth and possibly another piece of information that will verify their identity.  Once identity is verified the nurses will be notified and your place in line secured.

The Exam Process

Once you are checked in and called back, the exam process has been updated as well.  The nurse will hook you up to a machine that will read your blood pressure, heart rate and other vitals from your finger.  This information will then be entered into the computer ready for the doctor to review.

The Diagnosis

Pharmacy pos software

The diagnosis process is sped up as well. With the advancements of scanning machines, touch screen tablets and a hospital wide networked database doctors can quickly examine your results, form a diagnosis and send your prescriptions off to the pharmacy.

Getting Your Prescriptions

Once everything is said and done the final step in the process is to get your prescriptions.  The pharmacy has also gotten a technology boosted upgrade as well.  Most pharmacies are now run with Pharmacy pos software.  This software has streamlined the process of receiving prescriptions from doctors, verifying that what is needed is in stock and much more.

The Checkout Process

With the new pharmacy systems in place the checkout process is streamlined.  When walking into the pharmacy the patient can simply hand the clerk an ID card, pay their copay and walk out with their medication.

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