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Where do we come from?

Where do we come from?  This is a question that all of us have at one point or another in our lives.  When we are young we look at our parents and siblings and try to find some train either in their face, hands or body that looks like them.  When we are born we come from some genetic parts of our father and genetic parts of the mother.  These parts are known as our genes and they are what make us up as a person.

With the advancement of DNA technology and the expansive access of the World Wide Web many genetic companies are sprouting up all over the place.  These genetic companies offer what is known as genotyping services

The process used by genotyping services is to take several samples of DNA from a select group of previously collected samples or from fresh samples collected for analysis.  During this process the DNA is charted and a pattern is developed.  From these patterns genetic markers can be located and compared.  When these patterns match in specific areas a genetic connection can be established between individuals.

genotyping services

Currently the most widely used practice for genotyping services is in criminal investigations.  When law enforcement look at these patterns they can see if they have a suspect for a crime or if they need to exclude them from their suspect lists.  Some more commercial applications for genotyping services is for home DNA and gemology mapping services.

With the results generated from these tests recipients can learn a vast amount of information about themselves and their families.  Information such as heritage, race, ethnic diversity, world origins and so much more.  With the results from these tests many people have changed their lives, found answers to questions they may have had and even reunited with long lost relatives that no one knew were living.

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